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Organic Open House – March

March 19th, 2021 | Posted by miker in Events and Workshops

Urban Agriculture is a great concept – Urban is so much of our New Jersey Reality, and Agriculture is about Food, Fiber and Human Investment in Providing for Ourselves.

Join Our March Organic Open House, to hear from guests, engaged in Urban Agriculture, and participate in discussion on the Topics that emerge!

Allen Shelton, Zena Floyd and a Youth Entrepreneur share their vision and experience working with Fresh From Zone 7, NJ Farm and Food Experts, to pull together a Pop Up Farmstand, in Montclair NJ, despite all the Challenges of the Pandemic. Allen hoped to connect his Youth Team to a local farm, but Covid restrictions made them have to shift the plan. Hear all about it, and their thoughts about expanding activities!

Isles, Self Reliant Families and Sustainable Communities in Trenton NJ, will be represented by Bitnari Kim, Urban Agriculture Coordinator. Isles Inc has been serving Trenton New Jersey since 1981. I first learned about their work through Howell Living History Farm, who has partnered with Isles by bringing Oxen in for Spring Plowing in Downtown Trenton! Lots of stories there, just for starters. Isles has many offerings, but we will be asking Bitnari to share stories of Urban Agricultural Projects.

The Capital City Farm, in Trenton New Jersey, represents an effort that reflects the potential of Urban Settings. How to identify underutilized Space, to focus investment, to foster something that offers an opportunity for healthy production. We will hear from John (Jay) Watson, currently with the NJ Conservation Foundation, as he shares the story of Capital City Farm, how it began, some lessons and where the future lies..

Amy Rowe, Ph. D., County Agent II and (Associate Professor), with the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension of Essex and Passaic Counties, will also be joining us. Amy will help us connect the discussion to the perpective of the Cooperative Extension for New Jersey – what factors do we consider when discussing Urban Agriculture, what resources exist, to understand and address the challenges and opportunities?

Agricultural Adventurer, Adam Forbes, has shared a slide show with some video clips of Urban Agriculture in Philadelpia. Adam wont be able to join our discussion but CLICK HERE, to visit the References Post where you can see inspiring photos of People Feeding Themselves in Urban Settings!

The Open House is an informal setting, to hear from special guests, speaking on a specific topic. We all can ask questions, and contribute to the discussion. Its a place where you can introduce yourself, please share your business contact information in the CHAT, so others can connect with you, networking is welcome and encouraged.

If you are unable to register in time, at, You can text Mike, up to the few hours before the event begins, and I’ll reply with an invite link for the zoom meeting. 609-647-9754

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