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Crops Available Now

updated Friday, May 22, 2020

We appreciate payment by check, but cash is also welcome, and we are confident with our set-up, so will be providing change, exact change not required.

The Following items are what you can expect at Market:

Asparagus $5 for .8 pounds

Arugula $5 / half pound

Salad Mix $5 /  7 ounces,

Kolhrabi (tbd)

Beets $4 / Bunch

Chard $4 / Bunch

Napa $4/ 1.6 pound bag,

Kale bunches $4

Collard bunches $4,

Radishes $3/ .75 pounds

Seedlings! – Nasturtiums ($4/4 pac), Tomatoes ($4/plant) – Striped German, Brandywine, Paul Robeson, Valencia, Green Zebra, Japanese Triefle, Esterina and SunGold Cherry Tomas, Large Local and Grandero (small) Plum Tomas, and New Girl (small red slicer).