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Training Program

Certified Organic Farm; Training (Internship, Apprenticeship); NJ

Two Positions available for ‘First Year Trainees’, Annually.

Work on Certified Organic Farm in New Jersey.  In Three Years, with careful mentoring, a focused worker can become a successful Farm Manager.

North Slope Farm

386 Rock Road East, Lambertville, NJ  08530

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North Slope Farm Employment Outline

North Slope Farm is a 50 acre, diversified organic farm, located in central, western New Jersey.  Primary cash crops are vegetables, flowers and herbs grown on five acres.  Other management responsibilities include compost, hay, straw, pasture, fruit, infrastructure, waterways, buffer zones, woodlands, wetlands and community involvement.  We serve a variety of markets including our retail farm stand, off-site farmers markets, wholesale accounts and special projects.  Primary tillage and cultivation is done with both tractors and hand tools.  While we strive to improve the efficiency and mechanization of crop care, the production crew remains the most valuable aspect.

Farm workers will be paid an hourly rate with the added bonus of farm products when available.  Training opportunities include intensive experience in systems management.  The understanding is that a crew member is looking for solid experiences to give them the tools to farm on their own or build the skills to be a marketable farm manager.  In this position you should expect to spend a lot of time in hand labor, hoeing, transplanting, harvesting and washing produce.  The operators of North Slope Farm value hard work, productivity, reliability and will offer new challenges and responsibilities to workers that show they are ready.  Workers bear the responsibility of learning all they can, by asking questions, finding ways to help with difficult and mundane tasks, and striving to take on responsibility for different areas of production.

Opportunities for the 2014 Season.

Please note, The Wage Laborer listed below is the basis for the Training compensation at North Slope Farm.  Trainees are anyone with less than three years of relevant experience.  As a “Trainee” you take on additional responsibilities over and above a “Wage Laborer” and your pay rate reflects that, in your second year and beyond.

1) Stewardship Guild – Trainee:

First Season:

  • Participation in, and Introductions to, core Farm Activities, as directed by Farm Manager.
  • Value: $3,000 (funded by, for 9 month season.
  • Minimum commitment “part-time,” at wages listed below (see Wage Laborer).
  • Personalized experiential focus, including consultations with Farm Manager.
  • Required to contribute to records of operation and postings on Website.


Second Season:

  • Participation in core Farm Activities, at a rate of $11 per hour.
  • Regular record keeping, summary publication and Personal Focus.
  • Expectation of Focus on specific Farm Operations – ‘Element.’
  • ‘Element’:  Farm activities are broken down into specific elements, including;  administration, infrastructure, greenhouse, composting/waste management, equipment, planting, cropcare, harvesting, handling, marketing, special projects, etc..  You must chose an element to be responsible for, based on long term interests.  This will prepare you for the responsibilities of the third season.


Third (final) Season:

  • Full responsibility for some element of farm activities.  A plan, including budget, timeline of activity and estimate of value of projected product/service should be presented to the Farm Manager before the end of proceeding season.  If the plan can be integrated into expected farm activities, you will be designated to execute the plan.
  • Compensation:  Compensation should be accounted for in the proposed budget for managing your element.  You will be responsible for budgeting your time.  Farm activities will rely on your fulfillment of your plan.  Individual contracts encouraged.
  • Non element compensation:  Time spent on other projects on the farm such as harvesting, planting, washing, marketing, will be compensated for at a rate of $12 per hour.
  • Successful Completion of Third Season will establish your eligibility for the highest rate of laborer pay; $13 per hour in future work, as well as active support in finding rewarding full time employment.


2) Wage Laborer:

Starting wage:

  • No related experience: $9 per hour.  (NJ Minimum Wage $8.38 per Hour)
  • Extensive agricultural experience (3 full seasons): Determined by demonstrated responsibility, experience and commitment to North Slope, not to exceed $13/hr.

Responsibilities and Basic Requirements:

  • Physical ability to manipulate buckets and crates up to 50 pounds.
  • Reliable adherence to pre agreed schedule.
  • Ability to handle tools responsibly and willingness to accept direction in their use and care.