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Tomato Fight 2015 and 20 Years at North Slope Farm

August 29th, 2015 | Posted by miker in Events and Workshops


Sunday September 6th – 5pm to Gather and share Pot Luck – 7 pm to pummel each other with mushy Tomatoes!

Then Plunge in the pool to get the seeds outta your hair, Change into your clean, dry clothes and hang out with us, honoring the hard work so far, and the coming of Autumn!!

ALSO, North Slope Farm is Commemorating its 20 Years serving the Community with Fresh Organic Food!

In 1994, Mike Rassweiler, with the help, investment and support of his family and friends, embarked on the Adventure that has become known as North Slope Farm.  There have been many forms and varied outlooks at North Slope, but throughout that time the focus has been of investing in a positive environment, regeneratively producing valuable products.  In 1995 we began serving the community with Fresh, Organically Grown Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers.  One goal was to be “operationally” profitable in five years.  In 1999, we achieved that goal, but assessments of related costs and limitations caused me question the viability of the business plan.  Not least of which is the high cost of living in the area, and because of that, the difficulty finding skilled and available labor.  I also had a steep learning curve, costing thousands of dollars in low yields, over the years.  The experience has been profound though, and it was clear to me that the Experience was valuable, and making it accessible to others who seek it, would be a great service!  I utilized my experience gained over the years, to foster an intensive, experiential learning environment, for committed individuals.  Many folks went through the three year process, learning valuable lessons and contributing to the environment for those to follow!  It has been a rich and dramatic 20 years, and I am grateful for the chance to have shared so much with so many – Thank You For Your Interest and Support!!

Mike Rassweiler


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