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Administration Introduction

March 31st, 2011 | Posted by miker in Administration - (1 Comments)

Administration – Introduction Office Orientation:                           Workspaces: Systems Management Desk Computer and Projects Desk Farm Managers Desk Filing Drawers and System Postings, Messages and Chalk Board Time Tracking:  (See Time Sheet by Element)  Record hours by element, (form on Systems Desk).  HalfDay; is any day where you work 4 hours or less.  FullDay; if you work … Read more

Monthly Summary – March 2010 Prepared 3/4/11 RCM General Observations: Spring is coming.  Looking back on last year’s log reminds me of the somewhat chilly start we had: snow on the grown, freezing nights and some windy wet days.  But soon the weather began changing and warm temperatures by the afternoon kept our spirits up … Read more