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Soil Carbon Restoration, by Jack Kittredge

June 18th, 2019 | Posted by miker in References

The White Paper – “Soil Carbon Restoration, Can Biology Do the Job”, by Jack Kittredge, NOFA-Mass, 2015, is an excellent introduction to the topic of Carbon in our Climate, and the Potential to foster the power of Soil to Capture the Greenhouse Gas.

Click on the Title above to Link to the NOFA-Mass website (scroll down) and you’ll follow a link to download the Document (14 pages plus references).

Reading about Soil Carbon, and the Ecology of Bacteria and Fungi assisting the growth of plants, by exchanging soil nutrients for Carbon root Exudate, and Soil Fungi using Carbon Exudate to bridge gaps between soil particles, and roots, potentially forming “Glomalin”, should kinda blow your mind. Jack Kittredge does an excellent job, utilizing soil scientist research, to describe just why we care about Organic Agriculture, as a means to foster a healthy Living Soil.

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