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Poultry Report 2011

March 5th, 2012 | Posted by miker in Poultry

Poultry Report 2011

Materials Reviewed: MikeR, Nov. 2011.



Regular records are kept of Feed Comsumption, Egg Yield and Special Expenses.  In the winter, eggs are sold wholesale (Whole Earth Center, Bent Spoon, Zone 7) and income is tracked through regular invoicing.  During the Farmers Market Season, sales are recorded at each market, and a summary of sales prepared at the end of the season.

It is our intention to use these numbers to track our real cost and income from the season of 2011, and publish the results, right here.  Ultimately, this effort is intended to encourage similar cost assessment amoung the agricultural and food consumming communities.  Hypothesis:  If we accurately track our real costs of production, we can accurately price the product…adjusted by our real yield.

Challenges:  Accounting for costs – Infrastructure, Labor, Intangebles (sometimes as benifits), Markets.

The final goal is a strong “Wholesale Value” that NorthSlopeFarm will stand by as a reasonable value for our product.

Off the cuff calculations now show very little money left to pay for labor after we’ve shelled out Thousands of Dollars for Certified Organic, Fresh Feed.  Its an important topic, and the report will be published here.

MikeR, March 5, 2012



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