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Organic Open House

February 25th, 2020 | Posted by miker in Community Affairs

Monthly Gatherings at Farmhouse to talk about Organic Farming in New Jersey.

North Slope Farm and NOFA-NJ are hosting this event, to provide our community, a regular space, to come together. We will review Farming over the past month, check in on Journey Person Farmers Reports and Public Postings, and discuss appropriate resources and information to address current and future concerns.

NOFA-NJ is reconstructing our Journey Person Program, to Celebrate New Jersey Organic Farmers, striving to follow high standards of integrity, seeking sustainable and regenerative Agricultural Operations. The Open House will be a time for Mentors and Journey persons to get together, if possible, or connect remotely through a web based platform, that we hope to have in place by the end of 2020.

The Organic Open House is North Slope Farm’s offering to the Community, to come together, to talk about Organic Farming in NJ. The evening will start with the soul of our Intentions – organic food, and brief introductions of attendees. If a special guest, or presentation is prepared, that will be the next focus. The last hour of the evening will be directed to seeking information about how the month has been, Farming in New Jersey, and we will utilize a review of public media postings of Journey Persons and representative samples of New Jersey farmers. We will welcome stories from the field, from attendees, hopefully drawing out the stories from our Farmers, in person.

By focusing on the activity of New Jersey Farmers, we hope to focus ourselves on what is really going on, so we can talk about how to replicate successes and find solutions, to real and perceived limitations. Our success will be measured by the degree we are able to share these stories, highlight valuable resources and celebrate the success of more and more Organic farmers, in New Jersey, every Year! Watch as NOFA-NJ develops a Promotional Platform for NJ Organic Farmers, and support our efforts by becoming a supporting Member of NOFA-NJ.

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