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Organic Open House – May

May 26th, 2021 | Posted by miker in Events and Workshops

This months Topic is a continuation of the Three Year Soil Health Grant, initiated by NOFA Massachusetts, with participation from 9 farmers in 3 States; Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.

New Video Footage, By Kennette Productions, of this years soil monitoring, by the Project Leader, Caro Roszell, followed by comments and farming insights shared by the NJ participating Farms; IronBound Farm, Morganics Family Farm and North Slope Farm.

“This project supports the development of a learning community of northeast organic farmers who are integrating reduced and no-till methods currently on their farms, maps out what they are already doing and how it is working, defines what it currently means to be reduced/no-till in the northeast right now, and encourages further innovation, development, and education around these techniques to the wider farming community. The ultimate focus and goal of our investigation is to refine and educate about organic tillage reduction methods.” (NOFA Massachusetts website.)

This Open House will be recorded, and availble by searching for the NOFANJ YouTube Content.

Ill provide a link at this page once its posted!

Thank you for your interest in Organic and Soil based Farming in New Jersey, we love NJ and care to see it have a healthy and vibrant future.. Please follow this link to and offer your support by donating today!

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