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Organic Open House 5/27/20

May 25th, 2020 | Posted by miker in Events and Workshops

Organic Open House May 27, 2020 6pm-8pm

Send your email address to receive an invitation to the zoom – to, or text your email address to mike at 609-647-9754

Awareness and Influences – and your questions about NOFA-NJ and Organic Farming in New Jersey!

Each Month, North Slope Farm and NOFA-NJ co-host an Organic Gathering.

May 2020, will start by asking each participant to share their Name, occupation (these days), and Location. If you are new to the Open House, please share something about what has brought you to join? We will try to address specific questions, early on.

Once we’ve welcomed newcomers and heard around the table, what’s the latest in the Organic Community, As host, I suggest the topic of, “coping with stress, insecurity and life’s challenges.”

I ask everyone to think about the practices, teachers, guidance’s and safety measures they use, to cope with stress and insecurity. Specific authors, books, movies, teachers, practices can be shared with the group by sharing a “Chat”, as well as your spoken word.

I find myself aware, that the influence of stress in my life, is reducing the joy I feel even when I am facing a joyful scene, like a child laughing or dogs playing. Being aware of the situation, I am aware I need to focus on my disciples – to stay healthy and find positive guidance and support, to help me through the fog. No one should be expected to get through these days, without some vulnerabilities being tested!!

I find comfort in a regular schedule, I am happiest when I am outside, I need time to think about whatever comes to me. These are my strengths, they are why I love farming, and I am looking forward to gathering with a bunch of Organic Minded folks on Wednesday night.

Register to join the Zoom, even if you can join last minute, text Mike 609-647-9754, your email address, to be invited, during the Zoom, 6pm-8pm. If we can add you, we will.

Totally Informal Format, please remember it is a public space, so our discussion will be focused on the appreciation of individual experiences and awarnesses, to the benefit of the group. We can field questions about Organic and NOFA-NJ, and folks can come and go, its an Open House!

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