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Organic Farm Tour at North Slope Farm

September 7th, 2022 | Posted by miker in Events and Workshops

Organic Farming in New Jersey remains our best means to build soil health and work towards a healthy future. Focus on life and diversity, support small farmers and production systems that reflect these values. Organic Farmers use compost and careful management to work with nature’s gifts of life and productivity, struggling with the same challenges as conventional agriculture, but developing farmer skills and Organic Practices as a means to augment and build natural systems, to provide for “regenerative agriculture systems,” and building rather than destroying our potential and the resources for future generations.

At North Slope Farm, farm managers Colleen and Mike have focused on Cut Flower production as our primary cash crop. During the tour you will see the Flowers that are yielding now and discuss the practices we use to manage our production system.

We will also visit Hemp Seed production and recently planted, quick growing Hemp CBD crop. This crop has been planted using our Favorable Furrow method, which dramatically reduces tillage of the soil and is proving the suitability of eco focused priorities to produce this climate resilient crop. Organic Hemp and Cannabis in NJ, promise great opportunity for traditional Agriculture, once local governments get over confusion about the opportunities and best management practices.

Hazelnuts are another crop that holds great potential for NJ Organic Agricultural Opportunity, and North Slope Farm is at the forefront of the implementation of the New Rutgers Hazelnut Varieties. This year’s drought has been hard on our new Orchard, and Covid interruptions in seedling production has caused years of delay in getting established, but we are invested and already seeing encouraging viability. Another crop that may provide significant value and resiliency for Organic Operations, we can provide durable protein rich nut crops, right here, so New Jersey can build our Food Security, even during the current climate crisis.

Questions about the event, call Mike at 609-647-9754, and please register at

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