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Fall Trail Running

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Fall is a great time of year to begin an outdoor fitness routine.

Really anytime is good to get started, but the cooler temperatures make it more fun.

Join us Wednesdays for a trail run on the farms Wild Fitness Trail.

Our trail is approximately a mile long and is suitable for all fitness levels.

I am a “two-looper” myself.

 It loops around the farm along the stream, past our pond and back along the edge of our production fields. 

Trail runs start at 6pm.

Walkers are welcome.

Sneakers or closed toed shoes are recommended.

No dogs or unsupervised children but check back for future dog walks and/or children’s fitness activities.

Food Safety Workshop – Wednesday September 7, 3 PM

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Food Safety Workshop – NOFA-NJ, Department of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension

Hosted at North Slope Farm, farming organically for over twenty years, in the Garden State of New Jersey.

Wednesday September 7 ; 3 pm – 5 pm, followed by discussions, music and refreshments at our Farmstand (1701 Linvale-Harbourton Rd).

EVENT LOCATION: 386 Rock Road East, West Amwell, NJ 08530

Closest intersection – Route 579 and Rock Road East, Between Routes 518 and 31.


There will be a presentation of important information for growers and food handlers, followed by a tour of North Slope’s food handling operation, focusing on the topics and questions raised.

Following the event, participants are encouraged to linger and enjoy some live music and light refreshments.

Summer Solstice – 2016

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Summer Solstice 2016

North Slope Farm FarmHouse,  1701 Linvale- Harbourton Rd, West Amwell, NJ 08530

June 20 – Monday 7 pm into the night…  Got kids? bring em early for a swim, we’ll be probably be there swimming too, take a walk on the farm, down to the pond, check for ticks!

Winter is truly gone now and Summer is Here.  Over the Years, The transitions surprise me, as they often have already happened, and are moving on to the next season, before I really know it!

SO we gather, to take a moment in the rush, to honor the Sun, and our relation to it – and we hope you’ll come celebrate this special time with us.

We’ll be chilling by the pool, the grill will be hot for you to throw something on to eat, there will be salads and desserts that the community brings to share.

Bring a blanket, frisbee, lawn chair, enjoy the evening and our shared world – Happy Solstice to ya – Hope to see you there !

Free Probiotic Food Demo. this Wednesday

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Stop by our farmstand this Wednesday between 6pm and 7pm for a free demonstration in probiotic food preparation.

Dorothy Mullen, of The Suppers Program, will discuss the health benefits of fermented foods

AND show you how easy it is to do it yourself!

1701 Linvale-Harbourton Road

West Amwell, NJ 08530

Table Top Greens

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Table Top Baby Greens –

MikeR posted 5/1/2016

Photos from Historical FIle

During the downtime, and when the greenhouse is less than full – we’ve flipped the tables, doubled them up and layered in rich growing medium.  We seed

heavily, a variety of quick growing greens, and hope for a tasty harvest in two to three weeks.

Click on the photo below to access the photo web site Flickr – depending on your device and Flickr – you can scroll thru the TableTop Baby Greens Album:

Tabletop Baby Greens

Boost Your Energy and Immune System

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Join Us for Our Fitness Walks.

Wednesdays at 5:30pm starting May 18th 2016.

Once a year spring peepers make their journey from their winter homes, frozen under the forest floor, to spring mating grounds.  Vernal pools, ponds, to whichever body of water they were born into, they shall return, to continue the cycle.  But the conditions have to be just right for these tiniest of amphibians.  Rainy, above freezing and after the sun has gone down and darkness fully sets in.

This migration tends to happen unnoticed, but what most people do notice is the amazing chorus of “peeps” we hear in the evenings.  It seems like the peepers are coaxing along those first signs of spring.  As that first crescendo floats through the air, the peach buds swell, the chickweed, nettles, and dandelions turn a vibrant green, magnolias, daffodils and blooms of every color open and there is the chatter of birds and insects checking in after a long winter.  All the while spears of asparagus lie just millimeters below the soil surface, hearing the symphony above, knowing their turn is so near.  Do they nudge one another? “You go first….no you” or do they just give in to the “greensong” and absorb into the magic dance of the ages…the arrival of spring.

Sprouting, hatching, budding, mating, waking – so alive!  You know we humans are part of this all too right?  We only need to remember, to recognize that song and dance that is part of our very souls.  Spend time listening, watching, just being in the natural world.  This alone, many believe, can boost your immune system.

“Researchers from Japan’s Kyoto University have determined that outdoor therapy – including forest walking, gardening and yoga meditation – not only will increase well-being and quality of life: It will also strengthen the immune system”.

Imagine experiencing a feeling of rightness about yourself and your place in the flow of life.  We are all part of this universal creative energy” -Sandor Katz.

Season Focus for 2016

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North Slope Farm – Plans for 2016

Farm Manager – MikeR

Crew Colleen, Todd, Jacob, Dan & Two 1st Year Trainees.

(Estimated Full Time Wages: $90,000) (2015: $65,000 incl tax)

Basic Assessment:

Need to generate an extra $30-$40 thousand, in 2016.


  • Focus on crops that we could have sold more of – Herbs, Blackberry’s, Strawberries, Asian Pears, Apples, Peaches, Green beans, Tomatoes, Flowers, Micro’s, Seedlings (?), Complete Summary to highlight items we can do better with….
  • Expand Sales at Farmstand – Special Focus, with events, Email Newsletter, Visible activity, Beautification and Signs.

Long Term:

  • Invest in Production Systems to Increase Production
  • Plant more Fruit Trees, Brambles, Strawberries
  • Plant High Tunnels with Fruit Trees (Peaches?) – Research and Trials – trees vs brambles vs strawberries
  • Develop Dedicated Production Area/System for Micro’s

New Developments to Explore and Test:

  • Farmstand: Develop area into child and visitor friendly experience.
  • Juicing:  Incorporate processing and bottling into the work week.
  • Increasing Egg Production:  Develop feed production system to reduce cost.
  • Expand Speciality Herbs: Dedicate growing areas, Drying, Process and Store in farmhouse.

Guilders at North Slope Farm 2015

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Thanks to hard working crew, North Slope Farm enjoyed another productive year!

Click on the Photo below, links to Flickr Photo Site..  check out the Album of Guilders in 2015…

Jacob on IH 140

Planting and Harvest Summary – 2014

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Harvest & Planting Dates 2014

Worker Hour Summary – 2014

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Element Hours 2014