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New Agricultural Ventures in New Jersey

October 27th, 2010 | Posted by miker in Events and Workshops

New Agricultural Ventures

NOFA – NJ Twilight Meeting

At North Slope Farm

Audio Files and Index

October 26, 2010

  • Chickadee Creek Farm, Jess Nierderer
    • First full season: 2010, Pennington
  • Human Nature Farms, Brian Hulme and John Applegate
    • First season: 2008, Rutgers Eco Complex,
  • Jahs Creation Organic Farm, Matthew Bruckler III
    • First season (full time): 2009, Egg Harbor Township
  • Piping Goat Creamery, Natalie Hamill
    • First season: 2009 (first cheese in 2011), Lawrenceville
  • Z Food Farm, David Zaback
    • First season: 2010, Lawrenceville

Our intention in this presentation is to focus attention on New Agricultural Ventures – partly to honor them, in particular for their investment and commitment to agriculture in NJ, and partly to be sure their voices are part of the discussion about what does agriculture need to get reinvigorated and thrive in NJ.?

The panelists were asked to respond to the following questions –

You can hear their responses by clicking on the Audio Sections below:       

Audio section 1: 14:44 minutes

A brief description of their operations.

Brief descriptions of the practical elements of their operations – main crops, scale of operation, and market outlets.

Before preparing the ground, planting area and livestock management areas for production, the panelists describe their vision – how did they picture their operation, or themselves engaged with their venture – what was the original vision?

Audio section 2: 57:06 minutes

The panelists were asked to share a story or their thoughts about challenges they have faced so far.

Additionally, what resources did they identify that have helped, or could help.

Audio section 3: 23:08 minutes

Panelists were asked;

What advice would they offer to someone who might follow in their footsteps,

If their vision had changed, what was the new vision, and

What thoughts about their experience would they share with their community, so the community might seek to invest in and support their efforts, and the new operations to follow?

Audio section 4: 5:01 minutes

Panel discussion beginning introductions, including the audience, and end of the panel announcements – including NOFA-NJ will sponsor any new farmers (ten years or less) who will attend the upcoming NOFA-NJ Winter Conference!!

Mike Rassweiler, of North Slope Farm, facilitated the discussion and shares his perspective below:

My thanks to the many folks who made the evening possible; from the crew at NorthSlope who prepared a unique and pleasing environment in our greenhouse, Steve Tomlinson who provided our audio recording, NOFA-NJ for another season of informative Twilight Meetings, our audience and our panelists for taking the time and risk of speaking publicly about their ventures!!

The time went by quickly, without the opportunity to ask for more detail from the panelists, which is why we will use this post to provide an index for the discussion; names and links for mentors the panelists mentioned, definition for terms and any other details that might help.

As New Jersey remembers how to grow its own food and necessities right here in the Garden State, we will need to pay attention to the words of our farmers – new and old.  We need to support farmers by buying their products, supporting their efforts and asking for their perspectives!!

Please share what you learn in the Audio Recording above and email us if you have questions – we will update the index in an effort to illuminate!

(Draft) INDEX, Glossary and Links

Farmer Mentors and Farms mentioned:

  • Pam Flory, when at Spring Hill Farm in Hopewell.
  • Matthew Conver, Cherry Grove Organic Farm, Lawrenceville.
  • Kelly Harding, Cherry Grove Farm, Lawrenceville.
  • Herdsman at Cherry Grove Farm, Lawrenceville.
  • Jim Kinsel, Honeybrook Organic Farm, Pennington.
  • Rutgers Eco-Complex, Business Incubator.

Glossary of Terms:

  • CSA – community supported agriculture.  A term to describe the sale of shares of an operations anticipated yield.


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