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New Agricultural Ventures in New Jersey

October 26th, 2010 | Posted by miker in Events and Workshops

NOFA Twilight Meeting October 26, 2010

New Agricultural Ventures – Investing in New Jersey Agriculture !

 NOFA Twilight Meeting at North Slope Farm – Tuesday 5 pm to 7 pm,

followed by Potluck dinner!!


Four New Ventures speak out for New Jersey Agriculture!


Human Nature Farms
Brian Hulme and partner John Applegate
908-601-2512 or

We are in our third year of operation.  My business partner John Applegate and I are research assistants at the Rutgers Cooperative Extension on Monmouth County where we learned about Organic/Sustainable Agriculture.  When greenhouse space became available at the Rutgers EcoComplex we decided to start a business.  We received our Org Cert and began growing herbs and leafy greens and began selling to local grocery stores such as Wholefoods and other small misc grocery stores as well as distributors.  We are currently in the process of moving into the produce distributing/brokering/packing side of things and would like to expand into other non-produce items as well. 

In other words, our business is at a crossroads and are open to many various endeavors.  This makes even more excited to meet and talk with other like-minded growers/entrepreneurs.  You can feel free to call/email for any other questions or to discuss the specifics of the program in more detail at any time.



Matthew Bruckler III or telephone 609 272-9538 

2009 was my first year farming full time. We sold 64 Summer CSA shares and 34 Winter CSA shares. This was done on 3 acres of ground and the greenhouses.

This year (2010) our CSA grew to 113 Summer CSA members and 60 Winter CSA members. This is being done on 3.5 acres of ground and the greenhouses. We are currently in the process of adding another 2 to 3 acres to our certification for next year and look to break the 200 CSA member mark.

Through the past 3 summers we also did some farmers markets, restaurant sales and a little wholesale as well. We are growing rather fast, but I am keeping everything well under control. We have grown transplants for another farm for the past 2 seasons and blended soil for another farm. We also sold our fertilizer (which we developed) to a landscape company for the past 2 years.

The land that we farm is split in 2 locations right now. We will be adding another location for next year. We own no land, but rent it all. We travel 20 miles between farms right now. Some days I have been between the two location up to 3 times.

The goal of our operation is to make a good living from the land. By that, I mean to say that I wish to live a financially comfortable life and be free to travel from time to time. I am very happy to be away from the stress of the construction business. Farming has its own stress, but I am more than prepared for it! Currently, besides myself, I have a part time driver, one full time employee and then 2 others who help out part time.

In 2011 I expect to have about 6 to 7 acres in very intense production. I anticipate that it will take myself, 3 full timers, and another 1 or 2 part timers to do the work for the season. I look to gross over $200,000.00 in 2011 by growing our CSA to over 200 members. We will also do restaurant sales, wholesales and a farmers market or two. We are currently installing low tunnels to extend our seasons and will also be adding high tunnels for next year, if finances allow us to.

I am confident that we will grow this farm into something really big within the next 3 years, but I will have to spend a fortune to prime the pump! I expect that we will be one of the most well respected Certified Organic Farms in the state of New Jersey well before the year 2015. I will have to think about how far I want to go after that. I just might settle down and enjoy the comforts of farming, or maybe I will go all the way and make an empire out of this thing!

 Run for cover!     Run for cover!     Rasta Taking Over! 


Chickadee Creek Farm

Jess Niederer

First production season began with spring harvests – March 2010.

Chickadee Creek Farm currently is producing produce and flowers on two acres.

Market outlets include two Farmers Markets, a ‘market share’ allowing customers to utilize prepaid credit to stock up at markets, including a sliding scale discount… And Restaurant Specialty Sales to The Brothers Moon, in Hopewell and Busters Café, in NYC.

 Goals for Chickadee Creek operator are best heard in person!  Not least of which are making great food accessible to all and real farm income to support the reality of owning land in NJ.


Z Food Farm

David Zaback

 First production season began with spring harvests – 2010.

Renting land in Lawrenceville, Z Food Farm is a “diverse vegetable farm” with market outlets including Farmers Markets, a roadside stand and Specialty Restaurant Sales.

 Another reason to listen to the driving force behind New Agricultural Ventures, a “simple” goal for Z Food Farm is to provide great food and great food variety to its surrounding community.


Piping Goat Creamery

Natalie Hamill

First production is expected in June of 2011, but to achieve that, breeding goats were purchased and have been managed since 2009.

Establishing herself on family land in Lawrenceville, the Piping Goat Creamery is intended to augment existing farmstand sales and wholesale accounts.

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