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Monthly Summary – September 2009

January 8th, 2011 | Posted by miker in Monthly Summary

Monthly Summary, September 2009

Robin prepared 1/2011

As I review September notes from our previous season (2009) I am reminded of nightmares of tomato blight, my first visit to NSF and of course the satisfying feeling of starting to see an end to the season.  Now, instead of continuously plowing ahead September is a time to get some of the last of the crops in for the fall season.  It’s also the time to get greenhouses together for any winter production.  Of course, to help celebrate this time of year is the beloved NSF Tomato fight, held every beginning to mid September.  It’s an exciting month with beautiful weather, definitely one of my favorites.

Equipment 24hrs.: repaired chopper, upkeep on mower 

Administration 32hrs: pay roll, bills, accounting
Infrastructure 54hrs: Chicken shelter, weed whacking, irrigation work, fence work

Greenhouse 33hrs.: seeded trays of basil for sale, prep of greenhouse for late fall/winter production 

Composting 26hrs.: Weeded compost pile, prepped and seeded into compost bed for later fall crops, making compost tea (and spreading to field beds)   
Planting 45hrs.: (in compost pile): squash, fennel, scallions, and beets. seeded tatsoi in BGBs and cover crops in field , in Ralph’s House planted kale, beets, fennel, chard and seeded arugula

Crop Care 143hrs: Weeding, scuffle hoeing, cleaning up string and drip tape from tomato patch, mowing

Harvesting 160Hrs:

       First week: chard, kale, sunflowers, pears, tomatoes, salad mix, hay

       Second week: chard, kale, tomatoes, flowers, hay

       Third week: chard, kale, flowers, radishes, hay

       Fourth week: kale, chard, radishes, salad mix, flowers, horseradish, teas

Handling 64hrs: washing, bagging, bunching, cleaning garlic

Marketing 119hrs.:

       Hopewell:9/1 $756 9/9:$399, 9/16 $358, 9/23 $600, 9/30 $647

       West Windsor:9/4 $1200, 9/12 $950, 9/26 $1400

       Summit:9/5 $1910, 9/13 $1900, 9/27 $1600

Special Projects 23hrs: chicken shelter, talks of moving creation support, pit dug for clay oven, mushroom growing-spreading spores, splitting wood
Weather: First week: Clear weather, sunny and cool nights

Second week: clear and sunny, cool with rain at the end of the week

Third week: Sun and clouds, warm days with cold front moving in

Forth week: cloudy, server thunderstorm during the week, followed by sun

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