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Monthly Summary – March 2012

March 27th, 2013 | Posted by RR in Monthly Summary

Monthly Summary – March 2012

Case IH 265

General Observations:

Last March we recorded long periods of warm and dry weather during the first few weeks. At night, temperatures sometimes dropped below freezing, especially toward the end of the month. The warmer weather made more outdoor work possible, and crop care was in full swing. But indoor work and training also needed to be done as the season began.

Administration 87hrs:

The office was tidied up, website worked on and apple trees were ordered. With the full crew around, MR gives an introduction to the farm by explaining the elements task list, and discussing the specifics of the crop plan and crop rotation. The March 2011 summary was posted on the website.  Seed orders and supply orders were made. The Quick Books Payroll was set up.

Infrastructure 87.5hrs: 

Road trip to buy supplies! They came back with a new tractor (named: Big Red), irrigation supplies and a new mulch spreader. RCM cleaned out and organized the walk in cooler. Everyone got training on the farm’s water system. Mowing occurred. The fence was repaired.

Equipment 27hrs:

Second year interns got tractor training including a review of engine systems, safety and operating procedures, and drove them for the first time.

Compost 23hrs:

Always needs to be sifted for greenhouse potting mix.

Marketing 31.5hrs:

Hopewell Market was every Wednesday.

3/17- 122.00

3/14- 199.00

3/21- 145.00

3/28- 184.00

Total: 650.00

There was one run to Solebury orchards for apple sauce and juice for Hopewell Market.

Crop Care 325.5hrs:

Remay over strawberry beds. Weeded asparagus beds. Weeded and mulched strawberry beds. Pear trees were thickly mulched.  Water to fruit trees.  Greenhouses were weeded. Weeded strawberries again. Garlic beginning to be freed from crab grass. Big Garden Beds were cleared of plastic and hoops. Blackberries were securely trellised. Garlic still being freed of crab grass. Pruned older apple trees. Garlic was easier to free after a pass from a tractor.

Greenhouse 140hrs:

Seed orders for seedling sales were made. Inventory of supply. Salad tables were slowly cleared out to allow for an extended salad harvest.

1st succession field veggies done: beats, chard, kale, scallions, peas

1st succession field tomatoes done

1st succession greenhouse flowers done

Aphids noticed on floor weeds, those plants were removed.

Planting 57hrs:

Hazelnut, Almond and Walnut and Apple tress were planted. KG proposed a slightly modified crop that factored in beans and leeks. Peas were planted and radishes and turnips were direct seeded in Ralph’s house.

Harvest/Handling 48.5hrs:

New interns got training on harvesting kale. Table top lettuce and spinach was harvested for wholesale accounts.


Week 1:  Mild days, just freezing at night

Week 2:  Clear, windy, mild temperatures, feels like spring, but freezing at night still.

Week 3:  Sunny, warm, 70F during day, 40F at night

Week 4:  Warm, sunny, windy, with freezing nights at the end of the month.

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