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Monthly Summary – July 2014

October 28th, 2015 | Posted by Casey in Monthly Summary

General Observations: Construction of our new high tunnel is complete and it is already providing a home for our late season tomatoes.  An entry made by the farm manager; “Tools, drilling, generator use, multi-person tasks all performed excellent”.  Thank You NSF crew 2014 for those many days working till dark and to past crew members who came to help out.  Seed saving was pursued by several NSF crew members and we now have plenty-o-kale seed packed away for future use.  Experienced crew members took on a heavy load as farm mangers back was not cooperating this month.

Administration(51.5hrs.): (7/9) MR working in office to pay bills and conquer any paperwork piling up.  (7/16 & &/29) Bank Deposits (7/15) Staff meeting to discuss priority tasks and receive a crash course in managing our strawberry plants.

Harvesting(388hrs.): Many bounteous bean and carrot harvests.  We harvest tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers and flowers Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays to keep up with the high yields at peak season. The bulk of the hardy greens and root crops are harvested on Thursdays with a smaller harvest on Wednesdays for our on-site farmstand sales. Microgreens are cut and packaged for market on a weekly basis. (7/11)Garlic was pulled and set to cure. (7/7 &7/10) Several varieties of herb teas (Spearmint, Mountain Mint and Echinacea) were harvested dried and stored.  A training opportunity arises in the tomato field.  We review and introduce to new crew members the stages of ripeness from breaker to “red ripe” and discuss the special handling for those delicate heirlooms.

Handling(61.5hrs.):  Hydro-cooling greens, spray washing roots and packing produce for market are weekly tasks assigned on a rotating basis to full time crew.  First years have taken on the weekly egg washing and packing.  Flower bunching takes us into the evening Fridays and well into the evening Saturdays.  (7/9 and 7/15) The dried mountain mint, Echinacea and spearmint tea leaves are stripped from the stems and packed into storage bags.

Marketing(132hrs.):  Salad mix, chard and kale sales all down from last year.  ???

Equipment(25.5hrs.): We rented a scissor lift for high tunnel construction.  It’s a really tall tunnel.

Composting(32hrs.): (7/9) 1 Big bed and 2 small beds in the CG.  (7/30) Furrows in VegBN field.

Planting(50.5hrs.): Microgreens are seeded weekly.  We aim to direct seed carrots and salad mix every new moon.  (7/15) Beds ripped with IH140 in new high tunnel.  Single shank down the center.  (7/16) VegBN being prepped for forth succession planting.  VegBS mowed off in preparation for primary tillage. (7/17) Six beds of tomatoes planted in our new high tunnel.  (7/18) BGB’s seeded with salad mix.  Decision made to cut short stale seed bedding and skip 2nd composting to get the job done on schedule. (7/22) Used NSF saved kale seed for trial round of micro greens. (7/30) Kale, chard and beets are planted into VegBN furrows.  Next round of BGB’s are mowed off and rototilled for stale seed bedding.

Crop Care(129.5hrs.): (7/2) Flower field is all staked, strung and weeding and in good shape for now. (7/7) CG pathways and empty beds “billy goated” and weed wacked.  (7/9) Zinnias in FG strung again to support weight of plants and keep aisles clear for harvesters.  (7/10) Cucumbers trellised and mulched. Bonus! Irrigation reaches top of the task list and will remain there until rain is forecast. (7/16) Hoops, sandbags and row covers removed from strawberry beds, d-tape tucked in and beds mowed off.  While we are out there we threw another sting up on the flowers and cleaned up and mowed off any flower beds that are past prime.  Winter squash square mulched heavily with straw.  (7/18) Hand weeding carrots in BGB.  Looks purdy! (7/22) Wired set in new high tunnel and strings hung for clipping tomatoes.  (7/25) scuffle hoed newly germinated salad mix.  Laid d-tube on carrots and worked on tomatoes in Ralph’s house; clipping and stringing.

Greenhouse(66hrs.): (7/5) Tomatoes in Ralph’s house trellised.  (7/15)  Crew seeded next field succession into flats.

Infrastructure(178hrs.):  *Note: High tunnel construction hours were recorded mostly under this category.  Plenty of mowing and irrigation repairs. (7/7) Mowed perimeter of flower field.  (7/8) Mowed and weed wacked fruit cluster.  (7/8) Ford was used to mow VegCMid (7/9) Sprinkler lines repaired.  Needed to decrease spacing between heads for more uniform watering.  Irrigation in VegBMid also received some new parts after 5th slice in submain was discovered.  (7/10) MR cleaned walk in cooler. (7/16) CSE field mowed. (7/18) More sprinkler repairs. (7/27) Weed wacked and cleaned up around barnyard. (7/30) Drip tape and misc. materials cleaned out of VegBS and it was mowed off.

Special Projects(2.5hrs.): *Note: High tunnel construction hours seem to be recorded under the element infrastructure.  Crew are fine tuning the building process as they construct high tunnel #1 to enable maximum efficiency in the construction of the second high tunnel. (7/2) Perlins raised, cables attached to framing.  Pre fab action in ATV trailer; cutting cable, making loops and securing with cable clamps. (7/4) Channel lock attached to end arches. (7/8) Ribbon board bolted on and double channel lock mounted on.  New construction term introduced to crew “countersink”. (7/15) All hands and paws on deck for 6am start to put “the skin” on the new high tunnel.  Plastic secured to channel lock on peaks using the JD bucket as a ladder and from the ground secured to channel lock on ribbon board.  


Week 1 Heavy rain forecast, humidity building.  High 90’s.  One thunderstorm but hurricane landed south of us which brought cooler, breezes, slight rain and a bit of sunshine.

Week 2 Sunny and dry conditions by the end of the week.

Week 3 Thunderstorms push through and it is humid and calm between storms.  4 inches of rain in a few days.

Week 4 Month ends on a very dry note.  Drought and fires out west.

Market Sales:

  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Market Total
WWFM $1,118 $1,225 $1,165 $1,264 $4,772
Summit $2,600 $2,880 $3,389 $2,990 $11,859
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