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Monthly Summary – December 2009

January 8th, 2011 | Posted by miker in Monthly Summary

Monthly Summary – December 2009
MikeR; Logs and records reviewed, and summary prepared 1/6/11

General Observations:
RC held down the farm through the winter this year, as MR and CH packed up and headed out.  Reading the log (after the next December), it strikes me how similar the winters were.  Chicken care and monitoring greenhouses through the waves of weather – manifest in Temperature, Wind and Percipitation.
Administration: MR final clearing of office, with computer and freezable, juice and sauce, inventory transferred to farmhouse.  Regular log kept by RC.
Equipment: Monitoring and maintenance.
Infrastructure: Monitor and Maintain.  Icy rain with snowfall lead to tears in Greenhouse plastic.  Repairs are hindered by extreme conditions and difficulty of access.  Driveways and access plowed.  MR installs blower to inflate greenhouse plastic layers.  Over inflation leads to failure of greenhouse plastic attachment to greenhouse baseboard.  Repaired by BD and RC.  Building perimeters inspected for rodent access and sealed as required.
Greenhouse: Charged with the management of these spaces, RC monitored and tended lettuce crops in our heated greenhouse, and hardy greens in one unheated greenhouse.  RC was also charged with the third greenhouse which was serving as winter housing for the 2009 Chickens.  BD assisted RC during times of extreme weather and Technological difficulties.  BD also installed finishing touches to the “Roll-Up Side” mechanism on the “Farmhouse Gothic” greenhouse.  We hope to supply our winter market at Hopewell and our friends at Nomad Pizza with greenhouse grown lettuce and RC seeded lettuce on 12/16 (poor germ.).
Compost: Cold, snowy then wet weather, no activity.
Planting and Cropcare: Seeding of lettuce in heated greenhouse, and notes of “no growth” on plants in unheated greenhouse.
Harvest, Handling and Marketing: RC demonstrated real commitment to the concept of keeping local industry alive by steadfastly harvesting from a miniscule selection, gathering standard stock and serving our community at the Hopewell Community Farmers Market, each Wednesday, 2-6.  This effort had a profound effect on the Farm Managers willingness to commit future resources to Winter Production.

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