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Monthly Summaries – Introduction

April 7th, 2017 | Posted by miker in Monthly Summary

Monthly Summaries

North Slope Farm, Certified Organic Production and Training, New Jersey

Records posted below : 2009 – 2014

Scrolling through the posts below, you gain an insight into our operation, through Monthly Summaries of our daily log and specific data collection.  Each Trainee was required to contribute to the Record, which starts January 2009, and continues to November 2014, Six Years!  2016 was the last official year of our Training program, and the final participants were allowed to skip the Monthly Summary that was previously required.  The Trainees posted the summaries at the beginning of each month, but using data from the previous year (hence the monthly summaries are missing 2015 and 2016).  Our Website crashed early on and we lost the Summaries from 2006-2008.  We also lost the trainee Personal Element Focus Summaries 2006-2008.

The posts are chronological, going backwards in time, and are amazingly consistent in the subject matter year to year, month to month.  Trainees used the daily log and relevant data (market records, irrigation logs, etc) to flesh out a description of what happens in a month.  The process not only gave the trainees a sense of what to expect in their coming month, but also built an appreciation for good record keeping, and the amazing amount of activity that occurs on a small farm.

Each month is presented according to the Hours worked in each Element of the Operation and lists items or activities of significance.  The Elements of the Operation were used to focus the Trainees on specific topics and tasks.  Taken as a whole, it is very difficult to comprehend the multiple forces and factors that shape a farm.  By breaking the Operation into Elements, Trainees were able to gain deeper understanding of specific topics, while learning to appreciate the energy also required by multiple other fields of study and action.

Use this record to review what you can expect in the next month… or compare one year to another.. there is tons of Data, and it is augmented by our Season Summaries, which provide comparable Yield, Labor and Financial Data from 2006 – 2016!

Enjoy !  Please Share and use in research and discussion..  and please credit in any reproductions or presentations..

Thank You,

Mike R


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