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Introduction to Second Year Focus

September 19th, 2012 | Posted by RR in Greenhouse

Greenhouse Element Introduction

Written by: Rita

Date: 4/12/12

Intent: To continue the management practices of greenhouse productions at North Slope Farm.

Parameters: As a certified organic farm, we operate under organic standards and procedures from NOFA New Jersey as well as the USDA.¬† To uphold these organization’s requirements for organic certification, our greenhouse management practices do fit within their standards. In addition those standards, there are more greenhouse management responsibilities implemented by the farm. Both requirements will be outlined below, starting with certification standards, followed by farm greenhouse management responsibilities.

Certification Standards include:

  1. Having a greenhouse with either a bench system or in-ground production system as defined in the NOFA NJ organic standards and procedures booklet.
  2. Having each greenhouse inspected when necessary.
  3. Filling out a form on the certification packet for each greenhouse.
  4. Record Keeping of:

Greenhouse Structures

  • -Keeping records of the greenhouses in their current structural form and updating those records when a structure is added or changed.
  • -Our heated seedling greenhouse and hoop-house use a bench system with plastic glazing. This glazing must be replaced every three years.

Materials, Potting Mixes and Applied Substances  

  • -All materials will be approved substances and the use of which will be recorded in a daily log or end-of-year inventory list.

Farm GH Management Responsibilities include:

  1. Care and Maintenance: Maintaining tables and internal design, clutter control, weeding floors, glazing replacement
  2. Making Orders of: Approved: seeds, materials, potting mixes, applied substances
  3. Seedling Care: Watering, ventilation, hardening-off, pest control, filling out seeding sheets and sticking to successions
  4. Working with Farm Manager and Planting Manager: To ensure their plans are upheld according to the limits of the greenhouses
  5. Daily Log: Will be used to record greenhouse operations on a day-day basis.
  6. Year-End Summaries of: Supply Inventory, seedling successions (varieties, amounts and dates seeded), special orders, greenhouse efficiency, personal experience and assessments




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