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Hemp Flower for CBD at North Slope Farm

August 11th, 2023 | Posted by miker in Community Affairs | Crops Available Now

Currently we are selling Alpha Explorer CBD Hemp Cannabis Dried Flower. It is a quick growing crop that has already been harvested and cured and is available for purchase at our weekly Farmers Market on Saturdays in West Windsor (9-1). As part of the NJDA Hemp Program regulations, we had to get a lab test done, prior to harvest, to ensure there is limited THC, and you can see below that there are quite a number of active molecules in the Cannabis plant, which is why it is of great interest as a medicinal plant. Different varieties have different concentrations of active qualities, and this is why we are seeking more freedom to grow more varieties, including THC. In the Fall, we will harvest the remaining field plantings of Berry Blossom and Cherry Wine, CBD Cannabis Flower.

North Slope Farm has been trying for over a year to get West Amwell Township to support Agriculture, but the Township Committee has it’s priorities in reverse, fast tracking an energy intensive indoor Cannabis Cultivation operation, while obstructing our proposal for Cannabis Cultivation in the Sun, allowing for passive ventilation and negligible energy consumption. While the State of New Jersey CRC, has given our Cannabis Enterprise, NJ Grow Free llc, a time sensitive “Conditional Approval,” the West Amwell Township Committee has used their lawyer to obstruct and penalize our proposal, rather than supporting agriculture, like the Master Plan instructs them to.

What we have requested is to be “granted authority” from the Municipality to cultivate Cannabis in a Greenhouse. West Amwell Township has a Cannabis Ordinance that allows us to do this, but they are obstructing us by not responding to our request to present our proposal, after insulting us personally when we first requested our due process back in March of 2022, Farmers ask West Amwell Township Committee for Municipal Conditional Approval to use traditional farming practices to cultivate cannabis. – North Slope Farm > Organic Farming in New Jersey.

Unable to pursue the logical profitable crop of Sun Grown Cannabis, we have been forced to accept the less profitable but nearly identical Cannabis crop know as Industrial Hemp, which is regulated by the NJ Department of Agriculture Hemp Program. One of the issues West Amwell Township has regulated, without regard for logic, is a restriction on Greenhouse Grown Cannabis, that the odor is not allowed to be detected within 20 feet of the greenhouse. We have been growing Industrial Hemp for two years now, in the field, and while you periodically can catch a whiff of the flowering plants, it is neither persistent nor offensive. It is logical to support seasonal production of Sun Grown Cannabis on agricultural land, respecting the State and Local laws, while also preserving Farmland Assessment on the farmland not directly dedicated to cannabis. Sungrown Cannabis, grown seasonally (not year round) is appropriate for West Amwell Twp and other rural municipalities in NJ and can provide incentives for Agricultural Investment and modernization. At North Slope Farm we remain committed to seeking ways to support agriculture and the landscape and workers that agriculture can foster.

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