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Food Safety Upgrades in 2012

January 24th, 2013 | Posted by miker in Handling

Food Safety Upgrades in 2012

Farm Manager MikeR completed a 3 hour NJ Department of Agriculture “Third Party Audit Training” course, organized by NOFA-NJ.  The take home message was;

“Easily Accessible Hand Washing Station with Disposable Hand Towels”

Basically there are alot of bacteria (etc) in the world that can make us sick, and most of them are just a few steps away from anybodys food.  To keep our food safe it is critical that we avoid contamination!  Organic Practices regulate the application and management of potential contaminants in the field and greenhouses.  A common secondary source of contamination comes from workers dirty hands, dirty wash water and unsanitary handling facilities.

In 2012, at North Slope Farm, we invested in a new floor for our washing area, installed by Jason Barger.  Likewise Manager Mike managed to maintain the season with hand soap and disposable towels available at our hand washing station every work day.  Ecologically minded folks often scorn paper towels but they do seem to be a simple, basic method for cleaning up after ourselves.  As a sanitizing cleaner we use Seventh Generation Non-Chlorine Bleach, diluted as directed for household cleaning of stainless steel surfaces.

Click on the Photo below to access a short set of Photos to highlight our 2012 effort to improve our Food Safety situation;
Food Safety 2012

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