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Soil Health Field Tour – Sat June 22, 6pm

June 10th, 2019 | Posted by miker in Events and Workshops

Soil Health Field Tour – Sat June 22, 2019, 6pm

Farmers, Landowners, Agricultural Professionals, and the caring public are all invited to join the discussions – How do we prepare the Soil for Planting Crops, while fostering the Health and Future of the Soil?

Responsible management of Agricultural Production, starts with assessing the Soil Conditions, Developing Strategies for fostering beneficial growing conditions, and troubleshooting any Challenges. The long term objectives must be Building Soil Health, Protecting Soil Structure and Maintaining Fertility.

On the Field Tour, we will look at a number to soil samples, to provide examples of different Management Practices; Fallow Fields, Hay Field, Row Cropping of Vegetables using our Favorable Furrow technique, Solarization of Soils pre-planting, Layering Mulches and Intensive Vegetable Production on Permanent Raised Beds.

We have invited Robert Fulper Jr., a neighboring farmer, who’s family was one of the first to adopt No-Till Practices in NJ, to give his perspective and respond to questions about his experiences farming many acres with multiple crops.

Also invited, Yichao Rui, Rodale Institute Soil Specialist, to discuss Soil Fertility Management, including understanding soil tests and addressing specific concerns like high concentrations of Phosphorus and high pH readings that may be associated with Manures and High Levels of Organic Matter.

We will share our experiences in detail, because all Farmers and folks who care about the future know – Healthy Soil is critical to Productive Agriculture. Our understanding of what is happening in the soil, especially the growing body of science studying the benefits of Organic Matter and a thriving MicroEcology, may hold Huge Inspiration for Positive Farming Outcomes.

Check out our Post about the CIG Grant that is sponsoring this event and others across multiple farms and States!

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