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Equipment Purchased in 2012

January 24th, 2013 | Posted by miker in Equipment

Equipment Purchased in 2012

The following items are significant additions to the Equipment of North Slope Farm’s Training Program and basic production systems.  The Cultivating Tractor has a three point hitch which finally allows us to utilize our Williams Tool Bar for close crop cultivating.
Case IH 265

The Earth and Turf Multi Spreader has proven to be an excellent, reliable (Ground Driven) compost spreader.  It allows one worker to accomplish what previously took three workers to do by hand.  In first gear on our Tractor, and fully open (beaters removed) on the spreader, a full load empties nicely over two beds (down and Back).  Each bed needs two passes to apply our typical 1.5 cyds per bed, I do one pass in one direction and the return in the other direction to average out vagaries in spreading.
Multispreader 320

Finally, I broke down and bought a new model, walk-behind mower, because our old Bachtold mower was viewed with such disdain and fear by Trainees as to be worthless.  After asking around I went with the Billy Goat Outback, Brushcutter and in the few times we’ve used it, the BillyGoat was easier to use, though not as aggressive.  We will modify the skids to get the deck closer to the ground for a more aggressive cut.  The new mower allows the Manager to assign any trainee mowing jobs without fear of accident or burnout!
Walk Behind Mower

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