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Links to Organic and Agricultural Information

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Links to the Institutions that have recognized the importance of Organic Agriculture, some more profoundly than others, but all have important information that will help to Guide the Farmers that will take us into a future.

Rodale Institute – Founder of the term Regenerative Agriculture and Long Term Farming Systems Trial

Rodale Institute – Global Leaders in Organic Agriculture Research

Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS); Organic Farming

Organic Agriculture | Natural Resources Conservation Service (

NOFA NJ; Programs.  Northeast Organic Farming Association – community support for Organics

Programs | NOFA-NJ (

Rutgers Cooperative Extension – established to assist farmers and gardeners in New Jersey

Plant & Pest Advisory — Rutgers Cooperative Extension

NJ Commercial Vegetables Growers Guide, Long established guidance for NJ Vegetable Farmers.

Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations – Vegetable Crops Online Resources (

Delaware Valley University; Organic Farming Certificate Program

Organic Farming Certificate Program | Delaware Valley University (

Penn State Extentension: Organic Farming

Introduction to Organic Farming: A Growing Opportunity for Pennsylvania Farmers (

Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

About – Cornell Small Farms

Organic Open House – October

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Adventures in Farming – Adopting New Strategies, adapting equipment and judging the results..

NOFA NJ is pleased to hear from and share with you, a report from the fields of Stephens Farm in Sussex NJ. This is a family, Certified Organic Farm, and they have been adopting the Practice “Cover Crop Termination with a Roller Crimper”.

North Jersey RC&D has been providing assistance for Farmers to terminate Cover Crops, in preparation for No-Till Plantings, and we will provide links to their findings and opportunities on this page, in preparation for the October presentation.

Also, Rodale Institute, has been recording data on different productions strategies for Decades, and we will include Links to their resources as well.

The Open House will be structured to present a fairly quick presentation of the Guests and their Info, starting at 6:05, to start, then we will open up for discussion and questions. The presentation will be recorded and available along with other NOFANJ YouTube videos, on line.

Please consider a donation to, your contribution is tax deductable and serves our Mission and Vision.

New Farm Ventures

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To get prepared,
to Start and Maintain a Farm..
Look: Find similar examples of what you want to do..
Listen: Be honest about the challenges of which you hear..
Feel: Your Work Experience will become your greatest Asset..

But don’t be afraid to change course, and adjust your expectations. The first 5 years are probably the steepest learning curve.

  • You will learn your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Take Note of Resources,
  • Make efforts to Network,
  • Be aware of your Social Support, like family and friends, be upfront with them about your Vision and Plans, many times the support we need comes from previously unknown connections. The easiest examples being, the people we come to know, and Mentors along the way.

NOFA NJ Journey Person Program

ORGANIC OPEN HOUSE – Last Wednesday of the Month Discussion Topics

Thanks to the Exploring the Small Farm Dream Class 2020, and

Instructor: Jess Niederer

August Open House 2020

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Discussion of Post Harvest Handling

Resource Link: Post Harvest Fact Sheet UC Davis

Resource Link: Properties and Recommended Conditions for long term Storage of Fruits and Vegetables; Compiled by Marita Cantwell

Resource Links thank to Meredith Melendez, NJ Agricultural Extension Service


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