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NOFA Summer Conference 2010

September 1st, 2010 | Posted by steven in Events and Workshops - (Comments Off on NOFA Summer Conference 2010)

The NOFAsummer conference in Amherst, MA was inspiring. We started the journey with a three hour field salad harvest at 6am with our friend Ryan, who used to work at Cherry Grove Organic Farm. After the harvest we began the drive up to the summer conference. We arrived just in time to make a two mile bike ride to U Mass and hear Bill MacKently, from St. Lawerence Nurseries, talk about alternative energy on the farm. He was enthusiastically spreading do-it-yourself construction of renewable energy sources. Saturday morning started off with Robert Fuqua describing how a 4 cycle engine works, repair techniques, and where to get parts. Next stop was Agroforestry in the Northeast taught by Conor Steadman and Mia Frank. This was a great introduction to permaculture. Small fruit on a organic farm, by Julie Rawson and Jack Kittredge, went into production techniques for blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries, grapes, currants, and elderberries.  After the workshop we got an amazing tour of Hampshire College CSA. They didn’t have a weed in sight! Saturday night consisted of finding a guitar case for Sam in a dumpster, riding a moped around a corn field, and meeting more friendly people that are into sustainable ways to approach life. Sunday morning started off with Potato Culture, by Bryan O’Hara of Farms at Tobacco Road Farm in Lebanon, CT. This peaked my intrest in potato growing. I stayed for his next lecture on winter production techniques. He explained cost effective ways of extending your season in the field, and how to direct seed crops in December for an early harvest in spring. After the conference we drove to Battleboro, Vermont. We stayed at Harvest Hill Farm where we fed their four pigs and took a walk through their vegetable and herb garden. It was an a amazing time. Sam and I left Ryan at his home, a converted chicken shack, and headed back to NJ with a culture for Kumbucha while listening to Tilth.

Tomato Fight – September 12, 2010

August 26th, 2010 | Posted by miker in Events and Workshops - (Comments Off on Tomato Fight – September 12, 2010)

Tomato Fight – words have so many meanings…

Our intent is Fun, Celebration and Sharing – space, time…

Our 4th annual, the Tomato Fight began many thousands of years ago, September 12, 2010 will be one more in the history of tomato pickers, family and friends, around the world.

Party starting at 6 pm – Tomato fight begins before Dusk.

Nomad Pizza will be there serving their specialities – Pizza, More Fun, Serious Perspective and Playful Insight…

There will be T-Shirts ($12 each), and a contribution box.

Bring a change of clothes, swimsuits optional, BYOBeverage.

If you want your farm recognized “officially” please bring a few buckets (at least) of Soft Tomatoes.  Ultimately, the vision of farms, sponsoring teams (with tomatoes) has been shaping.  To date, the rules are:

Soft Tomatoes Only – with stems removed.

Tomatoes are not intended to Hurt – but YES to SPLAT!

Stay in the Tomato Fight Area, as designated by “Hey You, get back to where the other crazy people are!”

Don’t go into the Fight Area unless you are prepared to be Splatted by Tomatoes.  Wear Shoes and Assume You Will Get Hurt !

If new to the event, please introduce yourself, the t-shirt Table near the Pizza Truck will be a good place.

Questions? Please email with TF2010 in the Subject line.