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May 5th, 2023 | Posted by miker in Season Summary

updated December 15, 2022

Dear Customer, thank you for your support of North Slope Farm, whether we’ve been connected for Decades, or we’ve just met…

The Farm Plan for North Slope Farm, continues to evolve.  Our focus is shifting, to allow more time to establish and care for Perennial Nut and Fruit Trees.  These Organically Grown Food Items are scarce, in our local economy, and they seem the best, for us, to Pursue.

Also new at North Slope Farm was our Hemp crop, in 2022.  We grew Joey Hemp for Seed and Fiber and Alpha Explorer CBD Hemp as a trial.  We applied to our Town for Municipal Approval for the Cultivation of Cannabis but have not been treated with respect or support.  Click Here to learn More..

North Slope Farm is Hosting’s Headquarters, and we will continue our investment, in offering Organic Management Opportunities, for practical Training and Experiential Learning.

We hope you stay connected with us, your interest and support, keeps the things you care about, Alive – Thank You!

With Love and Respect,

Mike Rassweiler, co-Founder, 1994

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