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Archive – Crops Avail Now: end of 2020

December 15th, 2022 | Posted by miker in Season Summary

Below is an Archive of the “Notice to our Customers” about our change of operations, following the difficult season when the Covid Pandemic, up ended all our lives. North Slope Farm served our customers faithfully through the Covid Shut down, bringing produce to market, adjusting to the challenges of serving customers while maintaining Covid Safety Protocols. It just happened to also be our last year with Vegetables as our primary cash crop, and the posting below is in honor to the memory, of the season of 2020, and the importance of an operation’s ability to redefine itself, as times and priorities change…

updated November 20, 2020

Dear Customer, thank you for your support of NorthSlopeFarm, whether we’ve been connected for Decades, or we just met, last week…

This is the morning, of my last official vegetable harvest day.  And I’m sorry to report that the crops I had counted on, have not grown vigorously enough to be harvested.

This is the challenge of growing crops, at the ends of their viable seasons.  We are lucky, in NJ, because there is great Opportunity for Agricultural Enterprises to connect with a market, and grow a viable business.

Loyal customers of North Slope Farm, have gotten us to where we are today, and I am very grateful.

The Farm Plan for North Slope Farm, continues to evolve.  Our focus is shifting, to allow more time to establish and care for Perennial Nut and Fruit Trees.  These Organically Grown Food Items are scarce, in our local economy, and they seem the best, for us, to Pursue.

Unfortunately, the shift in focus, means that our Traditional Focus, on Organic Vegetables, must yield time and attention.  Our practical agricultural constraints, have always made Vegetable Production, a risky business.  It was a great focus for training, and we ran a Training Program, for Ten Years.

This Saturday, will be our last Market for 2020.  In 2021, we expect to bring to Market, Fresh Flowers, Specialty Herbs, Eggs, Specialty Organic Fruits, and Ultimately (2025) Organic Hazelnuts.

North Slope Farm is Hosting’s Headquarters, and we will continue our investment, in offering Organic Management Opportunities, for practical Training and Experiential Learning.

We hope you stay connected with us, your interest and support, keeps the things you care about, Alive – Thank You!

With Love and Respect,

Mike Rassweiler, co-Founder, 1994

The Following items are what you can expect at Market:

Winter Squash


Napa, small


Kale, loose, limited


Eggs; small flocks, organic feed, free range.  $8 / Dozen

Dried Specialty Herbs

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