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Third Year Summary: Planting 2014

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Summary At the beginning of this season I began by inventorying the seed and culling a lot of old and miscellaneous seeds. This task was to help formulate the seed order, but also gave the whole process a fresh start. We then looked at maps of last season’s crop rotation and quickly established the fields … Read more

Third Year Summary – 2013

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Third Year Summary -2013 It’s coming to the end of my three year training period at North Slope Farm. The years have passed in the blink of an eye but the amount of personal growth and knowledge I’ve experienced and gained will stick with me for a lifetime. Organic farming is a trade that is … Read more

Third Year Summary- Greenhouse Manager

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THIRD YEAR FOCUS- Greenhouse Manager Prepared 12/6/11 by RC This year was my second year serving as greenhouse manager at North Slope Farm.  It gave me an opportunity to try to maximize efficiency within our greenhouses.  I was able to practice my management skills to perfect, to the best of my abilities, the routines of … Read more

Third Year Focus – Reflection after 2016 Season; Jacob Thies

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Jacob Thies – Third Year Focus and Reflection – 2016 Season at North Slope Farm Year III — A Reflection  There are so many words that come to mind when I think of North Slope Farm: stewardship, respect, growth, camaraderie, family, and home. North Slope was all that to me for two and a half … Read more

Monthly Summary – March 2014

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Monthly Summary– March 2014 Logs reviewed and summary prepared by DD General Observations: With New Jersey looking more like the Arctic Circle than the garden state the crew began the month by repairing the collapsed farmhouse gothic through somewhat unconventional methods. After greenhouse repairs were complete the crew shifted its attention to the overcrowded chicken … Read more

Monthly Summary – November 2013

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Monthly Summary – November 2013 Prepared by MR on 11/17/14 General Observations:  The first day of November was memorable for a “freak front,” that plowed through our Salad Harvest.  “..the salad harvest was going nicely until the weather turned very dark, then wind picked up and heavy rain.  A dull roar ensued as hard, wind … Read more

Monthly Summary – May 2013

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Monthly Summary – May 2013 Logs review and summary prepared by Jacob Thies. General Observations:  Markets up and running, wholesale seedling orders to WHC, all crew members finally together, some unseasonably low night temperatures (5/14-15 & 5/26) that led to major tomato set back, but rest assured, May finally revealed her warming smile with highs … Read more

Third Year Focus Introduction

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  Planting Focus 2014 Intent: My intentions at North Slope Farm from the begging have been to grow my personal skills and know-how through what I find to be inherently rewarding work relevant to my long term goals.  I am excited to be focusing on planting this year, which falls in line with my interests … Read more

Monthly Summary – March 2013

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  Monthly Summary– March 2013 Logs reviewed and summary prepared by CH General Observations: As tensions in the chicken yard heated up and a violent coup erupted, Big Cheese was found dead.  Cause:  chicken inflicted wounds.  Who done it?  The other rooster.  Perhaps it was name envy.  Elsewhere on the farm, the greenhouses are abuzz … Read more

Crop Care Summary 2013

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Crop Care Summary 2013 KG 1/08/14 My intention when taking on the Crop Care element back in the beginning of 2013 was to increase the efficiency and regularity of the crop care activities on the farm. Looking back now at the end of the season I feel as though, for the most part, that goal … Read more