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Favorable Furrow at North Slope Farm

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Favorable Furrows at North Slope Farm.. An ecological focus directs us to be conscious of Life around us.  As a Farmer, you learn about the irony of constantly battling nature, to yield a profitable crop…To read more about Todd Haldeman’s experience with Favorable Furrows – Click Here. Discussion, Observation and Investigation has popularized the awareness … Read more

Tillage and Standard Operating Procedures

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The Photo above is included in our Standard Operating Procedures – Album, at our Flickr Page North Slope Farm. The Album includes photos of all the tillage and methods of working the soil, to grow our crops. More specific information about Favorable Furrows can be found by following this link.

Bio-Intensive and Bio-Extensive Comparison

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The Current NSF practice for Planting, following the principal of the Bio-Extensive System, is the use of Favorable Furrows, including cultivation and inter cropping of clover cover crops to follow the Cash Crop. The Clover would then be allowed a year of growth.

Conservation Innovation Grant

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Conservation Innovation Grant – Soil Health Monitoring, Reduced Tillage Techniques and Farm Tours. NOFA Massachusetts, NOFA Connecticut and NOFA New Jersey each have three farms participating in a three year grant, studying soil health, carbon sequestration and Reduced Tillage Practices. To learn more about the Grant, check of, Specifically; North Slope Farm, Morganics … Read more

2015 Second Year, Element Focus – Summary

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Crop Care Season Summary 2015 Second Year Element Focus – Summary By JT Introduction: Crop care is at the core of everything we do at North Slope Farm. Once a crop is in the ground, it falls under the jurisdiction of the “crop care manager,” thus all perennials and annuals need attention, care, and time … Read more

NOFA-NJ Winter Conference Notes

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NOFA-NJ Winter Conference Notes 2016 Mike Rassweiler, February 2016: Insights gained from workshops attended  Soil Fertility Management for Organic Farms Joseph Heckman, Ph.D, Rutgers University Production problems are almost always traced back to nutrient imbalance in the soil.  Starting the conference with the practiced wisdom of Dr. Heckman was good for me, as the … Read more

Monthly Summary August 2014

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Monthly Summary- August 2014 Logs reviewed and prepared by DD General Observations:  Overall, this month was much more mild than normal with a dry beginning and a mild ending. TH in charge of crew during first week while CH and MR on vacation. Cover cropping placed as a significant priority. MR determines seed order with … Read more

Second Year Focus: Crop Care

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JT – 3/6/15 Second Year Focus Introduction: Crop Care Crop care is a major element throughout day-to-day life on the farm. Once seeds are sown or seedlings planted, they need attention, care, and tending. As with anything biological, certain conditions produce healthier lives for the living organism, and our crops at North Slope are no … Read more

Third Year Summary: Planting 2014

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Summary At the beginning of this season I began by inventorying the seed and culling a lot of old and miscellaneous seeds. This task was to help formulate the seed order, but also gave the whole process a fresh start. We then looked at maps of last season’s crop rotation and quickly established the fields … Read more

Monthly Summary – May 2014

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Monthly Summary– May 2014 Logs reviewed and summary prepared by Anna Blank General Observations: Despite a few challenges, including cold temperatures in the 40’s and low 50s, as well as a handful of equipment troubles & infrastructure adjustments, things here at North Slope are chugging along and another great season is beginning to unfold. Farmers … Read more