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April 4th, 2016 | Posted by Casey in Wild Fitness

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Once a year spring peepers make their journey from their winter homes, frozen under the forest floor, to spring mating grounds.  Vernal pools, ponds, to whichever body of water they were born into, they shall return, to continue the cycle.  But the conditions have to be just right for these tiniest of amphibians.  Rainy, above freezing and after the sun has gone down and darkness fully sets in.

This migration tends to happen unnoticed, but what most people do notice is the amazing chorus of “peeps” we hear in the evenings.  It seems like the peepers are coaxing along those first signs of spring.  As that first crescendo floats through the air, the peach buds swell, the chickweed, nettles, and dandelions turn a vibrant green, magnolias, daffodils and blooms of every color open and there is the chatter of birds and insects checking in after a long winter.  All the while spears of asparagus lie just millimeters below the soil surface, hearing the symphony above, knowing their turn is so near.  Do they nudge one another? “You go first….no you” or do they just give in to the “greensong” and absorb into the magic dance of the ages…the arrival of spring.

Sprouting, hatching, budding, mating, waking – so alive!  You know we humans are part of this all too right?  We only need to remember, to recognize that song and dance that is part of our very souls.  Spend time listening, watching, just being in the natural world.  This alone, many believe, can boost your immune system.

“Researchers from Japan’s Kyoto University have determined that outdoor therapy – including forest walking, gardening and yoga meditation – not only will increase well-being and quality of life: It will also strengthen the immune system”.

Imagine experiencing a feeling of rightness about yourself and your place in the flow of life.  We are all part of this universal creative energy” -Sandor Katz.

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