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Tillage and Standard Operating Procedures

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Furrow Planted Crops
Todd H among crops planted using our Favorable Furrow Method, in 2014. Note Furrows ripped to the left of Crops, Furrows will be filled with Compost next.

The Photo above is included in our Standard Operating Procedures – Album, at our Flickr Page North Slope Farm. The Album includes photos of all the tillage and methods of working the soil, to grow our crops. More specific information about Favorable Furrows can be found by following this link.

Solarizing beds
We are adopting the Solariztion Method of terminating existing vegetation prior to Planting the next crop, when conditions permit.

Soil Carbon Restoration, by Jack Kittredge

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The White Paper – “Soil Carbon Restoration, Can Biology Do the Job”, by Jack Kittredge, NOFA-Mass, 2015, is an excellent introduction to the topic of Carbon in our Climate, and the Potential to foster the power of Soil to Capture the Greenhouse Gas.

Click on the Title above to Link to the NOFA-Mass website (scroll down) and you’ll follow a link to download the Document (14 pages plus references).

Reading about Soil Carbon, and the Ecology of Bacteria and Fungi assisting the growth of plants, by exchanging soil nutrients for Carbon root Exudate, and Soil Fungi using Carbon Exudate to bridge gaps between soil particles, and roots, potentially forming “Glomalin”, should kinda blow your mind. Jack Kittredge does an excellent job, utilizing soil scientist research, to describe just why we care about Organic Agriculture, as a means to foster a healthy Living Soil.

Bio-Intensive and Bio-Extensive Comparison

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Handout Prepared in 2013, Specific Details are significantly different by 2019 but the Bio Intensive and Bio Extensive Comparison still holds true as different Systems.

The Current NSF practice for Planting, following the principal of the Bio-Extensive System, is the use of Favorable Furrows, including cultivation and inter cropping of clover cover crops to follow the Cash Crop. The Clover would then be allowed a year of growth.

Basic Information About Soil

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Field Tour – Sat June 22, 6pm

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Field Tour – Sat June 22, 2019, 6pm

Farmers, Landowners, Agricultural Professionals, and the caring public are all invited to join the discussions – How do we prepare the Soil for Planting Crops, while fostering the Health and Future of the Soil?

Responsible management of Agricultural Production, starts with assessing the Soil Conditions, Developing Strategies for fostering beneficial growing conditions, and troubleshooting any Challenges. The long term objectives must be Building Soil Health, Protecting Soil Structure and Maintaining Fertility.

On the Field Tour, we will look at a number to soil samples, to provide examples of different Management Practices; Fallow Fields, Hay Field, Row Cropping of Vegetables using our Favorable Furrow technique, Solarization of Soils pre-planting, Layering Mulches and Intensive Vegetable Production on Permanent Raised Beds.

We have invited Robert Fulper Jr., a neighboring farmer, who’s family was one of the first to adopt No-Till Practices in NJ, to give his perspective and respond to questions about his experiences farming many acres with multiple crops.

Also invited, Soil Specialist to discuss Soil Fertility Management, including understanding soil tests and addressing specific concerns like high concentrations of Phosphorus and high pH readings that may be associated with Manures and High Levels of Organic Matter.

We will share our experiences in detail, because all Farmers and folks who care about the future know – Healthy Soil is critical to Productive Agriculture. Our understanding of what is happening in the soil, especially the growing body of science studying the benefits of Organic Matter and a thriving MicroEcology, may hold Huge Inspiration for Positive Farming Outcomes.

Check out our Post about the CIG Grant that is sponsoring this event and others across multiple farms and States!

Summer Solstice Celebration – 2019

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Summer Solstice Gathering and Celebration  -2019

Saturday June 22 – we welcome you to join us to Celebrate one of the Most significant moments on Earth – the Longest Day of the Year!

Come at 6 pm and join our Field Tour and discussion about Tillage strategies and Soil Health, then at 8 pm, we’ll kick back and enjoy the sunset, listen to live music and continue the Conversations into the evening!

Pot Luck Dinner, bonfire and local musicians (bring an instrument to join in)..

LOCATION : 1701 Linvale-Harbourton Rd, West Amwell Twp, 08530.

extra parking: 386 Rock Road East, 08530

Questions?  Call Mike 609-647-9754

Conservation Innovation Grant

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Conservation Innovation Grant – Soil Health Monitoring, Reduced Tillage Techniques and Farm Tours.

NOFA Massachusetts, NOFA Connecticut and NOFA New Jersey each have three farms participating in a three year grant, studying soil health, carbon sequestration and Reduced Tillage Practices. To learn more about the Grant, check of, Specifically;

North Slope Farm, Morganics Family Farm and Cherry Valley Cooperative Farm are all committing to three years of soil testing, farm tours, and a focus on integrating reduced soil tillage practices into our management.

At North Slope Farm, we already have been using a reduced tillage technique, we call “Favorable Furrows” to plant our field beds. In our permanent raised beds we typically Broad Fork and rototill, pre planting, but to reduce tillage we have been using Solarization and Lasagna Layered Mulching Techniques to beat the weeds, without tillage..

A great Primer for any discussion of Soil Health and the Carbon in the Soil is the White Paper – Soil Carbon Restoration – Can Biology Do the Job?.. Follow the Link to’s site and download a copy.

If these topics interest you, we want you to participate in our Farm Tours and there is a Farmer Roundtable planned, to hear input from other NJ Farmers and develop topics to build on. Sign up for our email newsletter (top of page) to receive a reminder of upcoming tours / Events, Join NOFA-NJ, or reach out to Morganics or Cherry Valley Coop Farm so we are sure to include you in our outreach!

NOFA-NJ Winter Conference 2019

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Organic Farming and Living in NJ

NOFA-NJ Winter Conference 2019

click on Link above or search

Join Great Speakers, and a Great Group of People,

Collaborate, Regenerate and Celebrate!!

Wide variety of Topics,

Register Now!  Be there with us!

Farmer Mike, from North Slope Farm, will be joining Erich Bremer, Program Administrator for NJ Department of Agriculture Organic Certification Program and Independent Organic Inspector, Al Johnson to engage the audience in exploring the Organic Standards for guidance and inspiration, we hope to see you there!

Winter Solstice 2018

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Winter Solstice Gathering

North Slope FarmHouse

Friday, Dec 21, 6 pm, Pot Luck and Music

A great time to be together,

to share the Solar Reorientation!

Friends and Family Welcome:

1701 Linvale-Harbourton Road, 08530,

Extra Parking; 386 Rock Road East, first driveway from Route 579, on Rock Road East.  Bring rubber shoes, its wet out there!!

Web Site Review –

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SATURDAYS – 1st and 3rd Sat., each Month!

Windsor Athletic Club – 10 am – 1 pm

99 Clarksville Road, West Windsor NJ

Organic Produce, and lots of great vendors – Cheese, Bread, Meats, Jams and More!

Web Site Review –

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North Slope Produce avail at West Windsor Community Farmers Market, every Saturday 9am – 1 pm.

To reach NorthSlopeFarm; 609-647-9754 or