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updated April 6, 2020

Email update on next Harvest and Distribution will be sent out on Tuesday April 7 – for Pickup the following weekend, Radishes and Arugula will join the items below.

Corona Virus, Social Distancing Guidelines, will guide our interactions with customers.

We follow basic safety standards, every day, that are designed to protect our customers from harmful pathogens, like human viruses.

While normal Farmers Markets are being cancelled, North Slope Farm believes that Customers should be able to Pick-Up, pre ordered Produce and other Farm Products.

The Items below are what we have available, for Special Order.

Items are limited, and we will not be able to assist anyone, except to fulfill confirmed Special Orders.

To place a Special Order, text the number of items you would like, from list below, to:


Also include your preferred Pickup Date and time:

Please place a text Order after Tuesday April 7, from Items below –

Our email list will be notified, when we are next accepting Orders.  Sign up for our Enews, by clicking the button at top of page.  Or check out our Instagram for photos – northslopefarmnj.

Once you receive a Confirmation text, your order will be avail, at the date and time confirmed.

Ideally payment will be made by prewritten check, to North Slope Farm.

Eggs ! ($8 / Dozen)

Eggs and Scale

Arugula ($6 / half pound)

Kale (bunch $4),

Spinach ($5 / half pound bag),

Radishes ($4 / Pound)

Fresh Stinging Nettle ($6 per 1/2 pound)

Our Specialty Herbs – dried, whole leaf herbs for medicinal and culinary use.  Lemon Verbena

Winter Display
Our Heirloom Goodness Sauce, in pints. $8 per pint..  This is good food, treated right… enjoy!