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updated April 25, 2018

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Our Goal is to provide a mix of wholesome and nutritious

Organic Produce, all season long:

Commuting on Route 579?  We’d like to provide your Organic Produce, quick and easy..


Produce and Products you can Special Order;

Green Duchess Farm – Pork and Poultry

Eggs – From our Pastured Hens – Small Flock – Organic Feed.

Eggs and Scale

SALAD MIX – First Major Harvest of 2018:

Prime Greenhouse, soil grown Organic Salad, .35# packs; $4

Cutting Salad

ARUGULA – Prime, Organic, Greehouse Grown!

.35 # for $4


Winter Greenhouse Greens – Micros, supplies limited.. $4.50 per ounce packs, and Quarter pound packs of Micros for $15.

Tabletop Micros

French Breakfast Radishes.. $3.50 per pound

Breakfast Radish

Spinach is Back!!  Planted in Fall, overwintered, Incredible Flavor!! $8 per Pound – Field Grown, Hardy leaves with Character.

KALE and COLLARDS – Excellent Flavor, Adolescent Leaves, Full Body and Flavor, Prime Leaves $6 per pound.  One Quarter Pound a Day, will keep the Doctor Away…

TATSOI and NAPA CABBAGE will be ready for May Farmers Markets

Onions – Great Flavor and great for storage.

Carrots – Very Sweet and Delicious, great for storage, too..

July 2014 Veggies

Potatoes – Sold out of #1’s, but “Farmer taters” available, meaning the potatoes need trimming before cooking – @ $1.50/pound.

Our Specialty Herbs – dried, whole leaf herbs for medicinal and culinary use.  Stinging Nettle, Sage, Lemon Verbena, Echinacea, Agastache…


Winter Display
Our Heirloom Tomato Goodness Ketchup, in Pints, and Heirloom Goodness Sauce, in pints. $8 per pint..  This is good food, treated right… enjoy!