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Third Year Focus – Reflection after 2016 Season; Jacob Thies

March 23rd, 2017 | Posted by miker in Greenhouse - (Comments Off on Third Year Focus – Reflection after 2016 Season; Jacob Thies)

Jacob Thies – Third Year Focus and Reflection – 2016 Season at North Slope Farm

Year III — A Reflection 

There are so many words that come to mind when I think of North Slope Farm: stewardship, respect, growth, camaraderie, family, and home. North Slope was all that to me for two and a half years until I left in my third year to finish some schooling efforts and to eventually take a position working in Central Park, New York City.

Jacobs View

Currently, I am the 59th Street Pond Zone Gardener working for the Central Park Conservancy ( My section, the southeast corner of the park, is the entry point for millions of park patrons each year. My job description is vast and challenging and involves performing all the horticultural maintenance in the landscape including the lawns, annual, perennial and shrub beds surrounding this water body.

Much of what I’m able to get accomplished today at my current position is a credit to the time I spent at North Slope Farm’s Apprenticeship program. In hindsight, I owe a debt of gratitude to Mike and his willingness to share his knowledge, experiences, and training to create in me a foundational knowledge of both horticulture and mechanics. From the largest trees to the smallest noxious weeds (galinsoga everywhere!) to the largest pieces of equipment (landscaping mowers) to the smallest pieces of equipment (my trusty pruning shears), I confidently know I have the knowledge and skills to maintain this landscape and use these tools efficiently. I examine intently, make conscious choices with the future of the pond’s landscape in mind, and take time to properly sharpen my hori hori.

This is not the traditional season summary, and as my title suggests it is a reflection on the value of training and the respect an apprentice has for his trainer. I would not have been hired by the Central Park Conservancy if it hadn’t been for the opportunities given to me by North Slope Farm. As I sit and type, my gratitude for this farm, and the people that gravitate toward it, are at an all time high. To North Slope Farm, I thank you. To Mike, Colleen, Casey, Summer, Todd, Dan, Christine, Sam — thank you for constant encouragement and willingness to build a community so deeply rooted in all the things that are right in this world. I gratefully tip my chewed up ball cap to you all. 

Third Year Element Focus – Introduction; Greenhouse, Jacob Thies

March 23rd, 2017 | Posted by miker in Greenhouse - (Comments Off on Third Year Element Focus – Introduction; Greenhouse, Jacob Thies)

Jacob Thies – Third Year Element Focus at North Slope Farm, in 2016

Third Year Focus Introduction – Greenhouse


At the core of early spring production at North Slope Farm is the greenhouse element. The jumping off location for the season, the heated greenhouse where we start all of our seedlings for on-farm successions, wholesale account sales, and retail seedling sales for all three markets. On cold, wet days, the greenhouse allows the crew to congregate in a warm, dry location to complete tasks. On seeding days, we see our work grow exponentially as table after table become filled with harbingers of summer. The heated greenhouse is a special place. And for all of those reasons and more, I’ve chosen to focus my third year on the Greenhouse element North Slope Farm.

Statement of Intent:

To implement the greenhouse order forms, maintain a healthy environment for seedlings, communicate effectively with farm and planting manager regarding the status of seedlings, and to have a good time doing it.

Materials needed for managing the heated greenhouse operation include:

  • Propane gas

  • Oil to lubricate circulating fans at start of season

  • Trays, cowpots, four-packs containers

  • Minerals and soil mix additives

  • Sifted compost

  • Soil mix

  • Heating mats & Foam insulating pads

Greenhouse Manager Responsibilities:

  • “Waking up” the greenhouse and all implements at the beginning of the season

  • Maintaining enough trays, seeds, sifted compost, additives, and soil mix for efficient crew work

  • Working with the Planting manager to implement the crop plan by overseeing the organization of the greenhouse planting

  • Create and implement greenhouse order forms for wholesale and retail seedling sales

  • After seeds are sown in trays, managing the care of crops: watering, controlling the temperature and ventilation, and monitoring pest control

  • Creating a healthy, uncluttered area surrounding the greenhouse

All in all, I’m looking forward to focusing my energies on the greenhouse element. It will be a big wave of work upfront then to tail off as the weather agrees with direct seeding. Here’s to a great 2016 season.

Harvest Summary – 2015

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Harvest 2015

The harvest data was collected by the crew, throughout the year,

and Compiled into the table above by Dan DeLago.

Worker Hour Summary – 2015

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2015 Element Hrs

Profit and Loss Summary 2015

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Farm Profit and Loss - 2015

Link to Photo Album of Equipment at North Slope Farm

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Click on the Photo above, to enter the Flickr Photosharing website.  This photo is one of the Album; “Equipment,” that can be selected, to quickly review our Tractors and Misc Equipment!



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North Slope Farm Event – Trail Walk

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 North Slope Farm Event -Trail Walks

Saturdays at 9 am.

Meet at: Farmhouse Parking lot, 1701 Linvale-Harbourton Road, 08530.

Guided Trail Walk, to begin at 9 am.

Firm Ground, Winter Birds and Open Spaces..  for more info see the post Fall Trail Running..

Please RSVP to North Slope Farm to confirm your participation!


FarmHouse Gatherings

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Informal Gathering of Friends, known and new,

we’ll be meeting each Wednesday, from 5-7,

at the Farmhouse, 1701 Linvale-Harbourton Rd (Route 579).

When we are lucky, Musicians will be in attendance…

North Slope Farm will provide samples of our Specialty Herb Infusions,

And a Market Table will be available for purchase of select items,

Our Specialty Herbs, Heirloom Tomato Goodness and Ketchup,

Our Fresh Eggs and Juice and Produce as conditions permit..

If considering joining us, please call ahead of time to confirm!

609-460-4636 – pls leave brief message with number to receive return call.

Summit Farmers Market Letter to SDI, Fellow Vendors and (awesome) Customers

November 14th, 2016 | Posted by miker in Community Affairs - (Comments Off on Summit Farmers Market Letter to SDI, Fellow Vendors and (awesome) Customers)

Summit Farmers Market Letter to Summit Downtown Inc, Fellow Vendors and our Awesome Customers

November 14, 2016

Mike Rassweiler – North Slope Farm

Organic Produce, Flowers and Specialty Herbs

Serving the Summit Downtown Farmers Market Starting in 1998

Over the last ten years North Slope Farm has run an experiential Farmer Training Program –

serving local markets with Organic Produce and Exceptional Local Products!

In 2017 North Slope Farm will retire from the Summit Farmers Market,

focusing closer to home…

We will miss the Summit Market – but we are hopeful the Market will welcome “New” Farmers – building their Farm Business, still developing their products, to best serve our customers.

Kyle and Rita invested themselves in Three Years of Training, at North Slope Farm – focusing on Food Safety – Organic Production – Exceptional Customer Service – and have proven themselves worthy of an opportunity like Serving Summit Shoppers!

Their Operation, Harvest Moon Organic Farm, maintains the scale of production that North Slope has occupied and will dovetail nicely with Existing Vendors and Regular Sales.  We believe most vendors will support our encouragement to welcome Harvest Moon Organic Farm, to replace North Slope Farm, for 2017!  Please note their info below!

Thank You for a Great Market, and for Supporting Local Agriculture!

Meet the Growers:

We’re Kyle and Rita, a couple of young aspiring farmers who were born and raised in Hillsborough, NJ with a passion for growing healthy, sustainable produce in New Jersey. After apprenticing for three years at North Slope Farm in Lambertville, NJ and with nearly 10 years of farming experience between us, we’ve joined the Incubator program located at Duke Farms in Hillsborough NJ to start our own farm business.  We are a diversified organic vegetable farm that offers 60-70 varieties of vegetables including kale, salad mix, Swiss chard, onions, squash, beans, peppers, heirloom tomatoes, even ginger and turmeric. Finishing our second season as Harvest Moon Organic Farm we’ve grown in size from two to four acres of production and gone from one part time employee to 4 full time employees.  Our operation markets its products through a small CSA and participates in six farmers markets, Millburn, Sea Bright, Duke Farm to Table, and Asbury Fresh’s Friday, Sunday and Belmar.



Bret Morgan, Founder, Asbury Fresh Farmers Market:

“Kyle, Rita, and the Harvest Moon team have been a pleasure to work with these past few years. Their produce is always top notch and they are always some of the easiest and most pleasant farmers we’ve worked with over our six year history. I particularly respect Harvest Moon’s creativity in crop selection.  They continue to grow a good mix of tested crowd favorites along with new and upcoming varieties of crops that really adds a unique element to our market.  Each week I look forward to what the have to offer, I know many members of our community are in agreement that Harvest Moon is a huge asset to our market.”

Cara Kent, Market Manager, Asbury Fresh:

“Asbury Fresh was extremely lucky to have Harvest Moon Organics on board with us this season. Kyle and Rita are dedicated people who are wonderful to work with. They have a perfect attendance record and offer a high quality product. They would be an amazing addition to any market.”